Parent FAQ

What are the financial responsibilities?

Sigma Kappa is a not-for-profit corporation and relies on the national fees from its members to function. Each member will be provided with a detailed breakdown of all the financial responsibilities, and we can arrange payment plans if that is needed. These fees are definitely manageable, even though we understand it can be very overwhelming at first. 

What is the time commitment like?

We work with each sister to make sure they can manage their academics and our chapter duties. Being in a sorority is definitely a time commitment, but it is worth it when you experience all of the opportunities and benefits it can offer. In our chapter, we believe that you only get out what you put in, so we encourage all of our members to get as involved as possible. 

How can parents get involved?

We invite parents to come to any of our philanthropy events to support our chapter! We also invite parents to come to our parents weekend, and the dates for that will be told to each member when the event is planned.