Letter from the Chapter

Sigma Kappa is more than just a name. It is more than just a sorority. It is more than just two Greek letters worn on our chest. It is a sisterhood that is indescribable. A bond, that on the outside looking in, is misunderstood. But when a part of it, it is unbreakable. It’s an incredible feeling being involved in a sisterhood that the bond is so strong and the friendships are for life.

Sigma Kappa are millions of memories and this is why our sisterhood is so complicated to explain. It’s the simple smiles that radiate the room when you enter. It’s the endless laughs, countless girls nights, numerous embarrassing pictures, and a shoulder to cry on about any problem. It’s being able to scarf down piece after piece of Romeo’s pizza and basically drinking their ranch without feeling judged. It’s staying up late talking about everything random to avoid school work, or locking down that huge table with outlets in the library until 1am with everyone cramming for exams. It’s that one text sent to a sister and 10 minutes later seven sisters showing up to your door with ice cream and advice you only thought your mom could give. And the sense of home when opening the door to Kingdom knowing you can be completely yourself.

Sigma Kappa is finding your best friends, your bridesmaids, your legacy's Godmothers, because Sigma Kappa is never for four years, it’s for life. I can confidently say that this sisterhood and these girls are all genuine and have my back. I can count on them for the truth when it may be harsh, the crazy fun nights after a stressful week, and a real relationship after my years in college.

I joined Sigma Kappa expecting nothing and in return I received everything. The reason why I love my college experience, why I have genuine friendships, and why I’ve had the opportunities to grow as a person and a leader was far more than what I signed up for and I’m grateful. The love I have for Sigma Kappa and my sisters are endless because they made me who I am today.

Our Four Values: Friendship, Loyalty, Personal Growth, and Service are the fundamentals of every sister. Every sister is unique in her own way, but that’s what ties us all together, are our values. Sigma Kappa has brought sisters together that we may have not even seen on campus. Or may have never even met because of our different interests. But Sigma Kappa gives a bigger meaning of friendship. The loyalty within Sigma Kappa and our friendship is like our unspoken bond. As a member it is felt and when needed it is present. It not only allows us to grow as individuals, and become a better version of ourselves. But as a chapter together we have grown in ways that we thought weren’t reachable. At the end of the day we believe there is always more than ourselves and that is why we strive to serve and give back to our community. Not only in our philanthropy events, but our volunteer hours as well. Every sister, including myself, hold our values near and dear to our hearts. And when wearing our letters, it is a reminder that Sigma Kappa is bigger than ourselves, it is a way of life.

My hope for every one of you, is that you see what an amazing sisterhood we have surrounding us. That the memories are unforgettable and the bond is inseparable. That being fully accepted as who you are and being pushed to be better can be scary, but it’s better having forty something sisters by your side during it.

For our new members, being a part of Sigma Kappa will make time fly even faster than it already is. So cherish those memories and don’t take them for granted. Because you will soon be in the senior’s shoe’s wishing you could relive those memories just one more time before you become an alumna. Sigma Kappa may be indescribable for all of us, but we all know, we will be together, and to live one heart one way.

Anna Gift