Chapter Officers

Anna Gift

President I love Sigma Kappa because it has provided me with life long friends and leadership opportunities.

Francesca Michnowicz

Vice President of Standards and Values

Camille Meister

Vice President of Programming

Elizabeth Day

Vice President of New Member Education I'm super excited to be able to be the VPNME this year! This position is so important to the chapter because it is all about educating our new members about Sigma Kappa and what this sorority means to us. I cannot wait to create new memories with all our new members and show them all the great things about this organization

Kamrynn Wantz

Vice President of Membership I'm so excited to serve on the Executive Board again this year. I can't wait to keep growing as a leader in the chapter.

Isabella Berkavich

Vice President of Academic Excellence

Brooklyn Stewart

Vice President of Alumnae Relations

Kaylyn Lay

Vice President of Finances I'm so excited to VP of Finance because I am looking forward to seeing the business side of Sigma Kappa which will help me with my future career.

Haley Yunker

Vice President of Philanthropic Service

Hannah Oakes

Vice President of Communications and Operations

Tabitha Corwin

Panhellenic Delegate I enjoy being the Panhellenic Delegate because it allows me to get to know women in other sororities on campus and know all about events they have going on throughout the semester.

Sarah Dempsey

COB Chair/Public Relations/Webmaster

Kristen Maxwell

Ritual Chair

Savannah Smith

Social Chair

Madison Moldovan

Sisterhood Chair

Emily Fullem

Activities Chair I enjoy being Activities Chair because it gives me the opportunity to connect with other Greek life on campus.

Brooke Staudt


Chella Rivers

House Manager